Monday, October 21, 2013

Enlightened Learning & the Cooperative Gestalt

Dr. Henry Tam to speak at the ‘Power of Adult Learning’ Conference in Edinburgh, 23 October 2013, organised jointly by WEA Scotland, Learning Link Scotland, the Scottish Community Development Centre, Dyslexia Scotland, and Lead Scotland.

One of the greatest legacies of the Enlightenment is progressive lifelong learning. Yet this very ethos has been under attack.

Henry Tam will explain why this form of learning is so critical to the advancement of human wellbeing with reference to its role in nurturing what he has termed the ‘Cooperative Gestalt’. By learning to interpret and respond to experiences through this gestalt, people become better able to live in terms of their moral, intellectual, and collective decision-making dispositions.

He will set out the main types of opposition directed at Enlightened Learning and how they threaten to undermine the development of inclusive community life. His talk will conclude with three suggestions on how we can engage the head (thinking), the hands (doing), and the heart (feeling) in giving new impetus to education that focuses on the sustained cultivation of the Cooperative Gestalt.

Details of the conference: